Covid-19 response

Coronavirus: an undesirable opportunity








Covid19 has left us shocked and saddened but we are reacting. Working to transform a world crisis into an opportunity. To organize, serve better our community. Lower our environmental impact and grow our innovation impact. We’re very active, smart working, being kind and staying strong.

Please join us and let’s do it together.

On this page you will find

- How the Netcomm Suisse team is responding

- What initiatives we have in progress to support the digital and e-Commerce environment during this period

- A series of interviews with industry leaders, both brands and service providers, offering their insights, learnings and plans to support the community

- Our larger-scale business initiatives to be proactive, support the territory, canton and people of Switzerland and beyond

- What our partners and members are doing to support the community

How the Netcomm Suisse team is responding

The dream team of Netcomm Suisse Association has been working since 2012 to share market knowledge, inspire digital investments, create insights and ultimately generate business opportunities by connecting smart people through events, workshops, seminars. Activities that are not easy to perform during an epidemic.

   We have immediately:

  - Checked the health of our team
  - Postponed all events and workshops
  - Instituted smart working
  - Developed financial contingency plan for next months


While we are still shocked by the evolving health and economic implications, we hope to transform a world crisis into a unique opportunity to organize and ramp up the services we offer to our community.

Initiatives in support of the community

Brand e-Meet ups :

Exclusive for our members, thanks to Alice

Thanks to the support of our Community Manager Alice we are scheduling webinars with C-level digital leaders of Lifestyle brands. How are they investing in digital? What priorities do they have?


for invited guests and sponsors, thanks to Benedikt

Groups of 15 digitally-focused leaders (80% Brands) gather virtually in a 4-hour workshop dedicated to digital issues. Through presentations and group work, we facilitate knowledge sharing among participants

Consumer Behavior Reports and webinars:

Exclusive for our members and invited guests, see here

We are financing and sharing for free with our members consumer behavior studies on major industries. The studies will also be presented in online webinar format to stimulate interaction among participants.

Scale-up calls :

Through our partner Loomish, thanks to Jelena 

We are planning 5 scale-up and start-up calls in LifestyleTech. Loomish scouting teams generate, 1) a virtual shortlisting workshop to access data, monitor trends and select top scale-ups, 2) an ad hoc pitch presentation session with industry-leading managers

We are also working on a digital leaders database, thanks to Bobana and also thanks to the collaboration of external partner Dagorà and Netcomm Suisse members, we are working to map the key decision leaders in the digital fields in Switzerland. We will invite them as speakers, participants and jury members of our initiatives and interview them to share knowledge among our community. We will work sector by sector eg. Food, Fashion, Luxury, Travel, etc.

And, not least, with the Content and Marketing Team, Matt & Luca, we are preparing a range of Knowledge sharing and interviews to share and build knowledge among our members, brands and stakeholders. Our marketing team is coordinating an editorial plan to share knowledge and insights. We will focus on multiple areas of ecommerce and digital investments. We will start with a

Interviews with industry leaders

Discover how your counterparts and peers are reacting at managerial level. This month we will be running interviews with some leaders from diverse service providers, brands and institutions, with practical tips and insights on company management during this very strange period as well as dealing with customer expectations. Below are the first ones, please take a look.

Business initiatives in support of the digital ecosystem

Netcomm Suisse evolution

NetComm Suisse was founded in 2012 as the “Swiss eCommerce and Digital Communication Association” and with over 200 members link and hundreds of events and workshops (Zurich, Banden, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano) realized so far we have:

  • inspired digital investments
  • facilitated business networking among our members and stakeholders
  • lobbied in favor of the industry  

We have also realized that many of our members have evolved their needs and they are turning to us today for:

  • more profiled connections
  • web content communication – webinar studio
  • more profiled contents, insight and information
  • cantonal and national lobbying

To respond better to these needs, we are today taking the opportunity given us by this global "slowdown" to:

  • Evolve our brand, leveraging our historical strengths but with a renewed focus on putting modern tools at the service of our members
  • Greater efforts and reach in lobbying both at cantonal and national level
  • Stronger effort in building connections between our members and leading brands, offering greater profiling and business matchmaking


Welcome Dagorà

  • Netcomm Suisse partner, Dagorà SA is working to set up an Innovation center of 3400m2 in Lugano
  • NetComm Suisse Association has secured a space for the association in the new hub and a simplified application process for all its members
  • The new hub will offer, beyond business working spaces, a ground-breaking innovation environment, bringing together brands, investors, technology providers, universities and start-ups/scale-ups
  • It will contain a fully-fledged media and center and content-factory, conference venues, innovation laboratories dedicated to cutting-edge technology as well as a range of facilities including bar/cafè, phone pods, break-out areas and more.
  • Applications open from 15 March, with priority given to Netcomm Suisse members

Netcomm Suisse member initiatives


Converto is offering its platform free of charge to the complete ecommerce market in Switzerland. Transforming the products of your online-shop into effective advertising with no manual extra work. Together we support the initiatives of #stayhome and at the same time give consumers the chance to continue their day to day life.

View the offer here


intarget is working to support brands through providing assets and relevant insights to aid decision makers in this complex ecommerce environment.

The business report "in: China Monitor" investigates the impacts of "Covid-19" on the Chinese market and its consumers.

Download report here


KPMG has developed a new web page dedicated to the COVID-19 emergency, which offers information and solutions for the challenges that companies are facing, for example related to legal and wage impacts and future tax and business developments.

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