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Helping the community get back to work

With many Swiss companies slowly starting to return to work, the question of safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind.

After numerous requests by our member companies, we have decided to work through our partners to source and supply protective equipment to ensure that companies can have access to these materials, so important for employee wellbeing and ease of mind, and so to expedite their return to the office and start working again.


Our partner Giglio Group is able to source and consistently supply reliable protective personal equipment to help ensure staff safety when back in the office, including protective masks, hand-sanitizer and disinfectants.

Netcomm Suisse is delighted to promote this initiative and make it available to all our community, helping to ensure safety as we return to work.

The products are provided solely by Giglio Group, which is present in Ticino (Manno) thanks to its subsidiary, Ibox SA. The products are all certified to exacting standards by international institutions and prices have been set to be fair and economically competitive. More details below for each item. 

Sanitary products

Face masks

Essential item to help protect wearer as well as those with whom they may come into contact with. We can offer three kinds of mask: regular surgical masks and the higher-grade FFP2 and FFP3 versions. All three work by covering the user’s mouth, nose and jaw, and providing a certain physical barrier to prevent direct transmission of pathogenic microorganisms and particulate matter.

Disposable face mask

0.70 CHF per pc (min purchase 5000 units)

Composed from: Mask sheet, nose clip and mask tape made by non-woven fabric and polypropylene melt-blown fabric.

  • Certified to EN 14683:2019 standards
  • 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm
  • Available in packages of 20
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FFP2 valve-less face mask

2.65 CHF per pc (min purchase 2000 units)

The FFP2 mask is made up of 5 filter layers (4 shaped layers and a pad). ① outer layer - 60g PP non-woven fabric; ② filter layer - melted and spun PP polymer; ③ antibacterial layer - graphene PP non-woven fabric; ④ buffer - PET; Dermat dermatophilic layer - 30g PP non-woven fabric.

  • Compliant to GB2626-2006 safety mask regulations
  • Protects to KN95 requirements (FFP2 in EU and N95 in USA)
  • Also meets N. 149:2001+A1:2009 specifications
  • Available in packages of 40
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FFP3 face mask

2.99 CHF per pc (min purchase 2000 units)

Particularly high-grade mask for protection from PM 2.5 fine particles.

  • Compliant to GB2626-2006 requirements, regulation (EU) 2016/425 and harmonized standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
  • Protects to (EU) 2016/425 and harmonized standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
  • 21.5 x 16cm
  • Available in packages of 20
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Sanitizer hand gel

A hand sanitizing gel for frequent use, not aggressive because, thanks to the hydroalcoholic base of which it is made, unlike the normal soap it does not attack and does not eliminate the protective coat of the skin. Thanks to its ingredients it has antimicrobial properties, capable of killing germs and bacteria quickly. This gel does not require rinsing, does not grease, does not stain and is rapidly absorbed. It is able to hydrate the skin leaving the hands clean, soft and pleasantly scented.

Gel stick: pack of 20

3.95 CHF per package of 20 sticks

Convenient mono-use sanitizing gel sticks for workers.

  • Available in packages of 48 x 20pcs
  • Kind on skin, tough on germs
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Gel stick: pack of 50

4.90 CHF per package of 50 sticks

Convenient mono-use sanitizing gel sticks for workers.

  • Available in packages of 36 x 50pcs
  • Kind on skin, tough on germs
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Gel stick dispenser box: pack of 200

15.90 CHF per package of 200 sticks

Dispenser box of mono-use sanitizing gel sticks for workers.

  • Available in packages of 5 x 200pcs
  • Kind on skin, tough on germs
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Hand sanitizer gel dispenser, 500ml

9.60 CHF per bottle

Half-litre hand-sanitizing gel dispenser.

  • Available in packages of 18 bottles
  • Kind on skin, tough on germs
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Hand-sanitizing kit

244,95 CHF

Kit of contains 6 x 500ml bottles of hand-sanitizer plus stand.

  • 6 x 500ml hand sanitizer gel bottles
  • 1 x stand 33cm x 33cm x 100cm
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5-litre hand sanitizer gel

62.80 CHF

5-litre hand-sanitizing gel tankard.

  • Ideal as re-fill of smaller containers
  • Kind on skin, tough on germs
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100ml hand sanitizer gel

3.95 CHF

Portable hand-sanitizing gel tube.

  • Available in packages of 48 tubes
  • Kind on skin, tough on germs
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Surface disinfectants

Products to support the cleansing and safety of work surfaces, desks, devices and to ensure better daily protection for employees in a variety of offices or work environments.

Small surface disinfectant spray

4.85 CHF

Multi-purpose sanitizing spray, with 75% alcohol. It is ideal for the hygiene and cleansing of home and office surfaces and everyday objects such as cell phones, computers, tablets. The formula does not leave aggressive chemical residues on the surfaces and does not require rinsing.

  • High alcohol content, 75%
  • 100ml spray
  • Available in packages of 30 sprays
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Concentrated surface disinfectant

37.80 CHF (Packages of 12 x 1L bottles)

A concentrated antibacterial disinfectant suitable for use on a range of suraces. To be diluted before use.

  • Highly-concentrated: to be diluted 1:25 before use
  • 40ml of product produces 1 litre of detergent
  • Certified to EN1276 - EN13697 standards
  • Available in 1-litre tankards
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How it works

Use the form below to compose your tentative order. Send form and our partner, Giglio Group, will respond confirming availability and pricing as well as providing any delivery information you need. Your order will only proceed once you confirm this directly with Giglio Group.

Please note: (1) deliveries are CIF Switzerland, meaning Giglio Group will deliver to the border, but you are responsible for completing customs documentation. (2) prices are exclusive of VAT and other taxes.

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