Smart working & living Award

Smart working & living executive workshop

The Smart Working & Living awards is dedicated to the themes of design, technology and IOT. They bring together leaders in the field to define strategic R&D guidelines for innovation projects, scouting and research initiatives of a future LifestyleTech Competence Center.

The award aim to identify the innovation requirements between and within companies in the sector, build bridges across different economic areas, including between investors and brands/retailers/manufacturers and also to connect all these businesses with upcoming and valid start-ups/scale-ups. The award represent a further step towards the development of a LifestyleTech Competence Center, which would benefit all industry stakeholders within Switzerland and beyond.



Thanks to the support of investment management firm Loomish SA, participants will be evaluate and access scouted start-ups working in the home and living technology area. Loomish will also present the short list of relevant university R&D projects and tech corporations interested in co-financing innovation initiatives.



  • Education: Free access to a series of educational workshops, dinners and events
  • Connect and share insights: Connect investors from Private Equity, VC , Family Office and holdings with C-level Directors of large innovative corporations to evaluate and access entrepreneurs and disruptive technologies
  • Fund R&D projects: Access to public funding to perform R&D activities in Switzerland with local and international research centers and universities
  • Open innovation: Define guidelines for the start-up/scale up scoutings. Definition of research criteria, participation to the scale up selections and participation to the meet up awards


24 September 2020



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