Switzerland: International Leader in Postal Development

19 May 2017


Swiss postal services were announced to be the best postal sevices in the world according to UPU’s Integrated Index for Postal Development*.

According to the report, Switzerland’s success can be credited to the following factors:

  • high reliability
  • very high quality of service across the postal products portfolio
  • great global connectivity
  • strong demand for its diversified portfolio of services
  • high resilience to changes and transformations in the postal environment

In fact, Switzerland has consistently been the best performer in terms of reliability, relevance and resilience with its diversified offer of postal services. For instance, delivery times average 1.6 days (for both domestic and inbound), while even in other high-performing countries, the averages are in the range of 2 to 5 days. Moreover, Switzerland has the second most predictable postal delivery service in the world with a variability of about 2 days in delivery times instead of 3 to 7 days for its most direct peers.

Switzerland’s leading position provides a unique competitive advantage, for the development and the diffusion of Swiss e-Commerce services around the world. Indeed, according to a previous research “the Swiss e-Commerce factor in international sales and deliveries” conducted by Contactlab, lack of trust towards the quality of delivery services is among the main reasons why people do not shop online, while at the same time more than 17 million e-shoppers are willing to buy online from Swiss merchants, due to the country’s high reputation.

NetComm Suisse congratulates for this excellent performance its Associates operating in the postal/logistics/warehousing/shipping sectors:


*The UPU’s Integrated Index for Postal Development (2IPD) is a composite index providing an overview of postal development around the world, with the results for 2016 covering 170 countries. 

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