Switzerland top for innovation

15 July 2019

European Commission research finds that Switzerland in general and Ticino in particular are way ahead of the competition for promoting, supporting and generating innovation

5 Swiss regions are in the top 10 regions of the entire continent, and all perform 40+% better than the EU average

Ticino jumps from 12th to 2nd place among all regions studied for innovation over the last 2 years


Netcomm Suisse is very proud to report that the European Commission's Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2019 places the Swiss cantons far ahead of other regions across the continent. After studying data from 238 different areas from across the EU and beyond, over a period of two years, the report has determined that the leaders of innovation today are indisputably Swiss.

Some key takeaways:

  • All 7 Swiss regions outperform the EU average by 40+%
  • Zurich was evaluated the leading region for innovation in the study
  • Ticino jumped from 12th to 2nd place in terms of overall innovation success
  •  The strongest areas for Ticino were: SMEs introducing product or process innovation (2° place), SMEs introducing marketing or organizational innovations (1° place), SMEs innovating in-house (1° place), Trademark Applications (1° place)


The study looked at a range of different indicators, dividing them into categories for easier evaluation. The categories and areas studied were:

Framework conditions (HR, active research systems, innovation-friendly environment)

Investments (finance and support, firm investments)

Innovation Activities (Innovators, Linkages, Intellectual Assets)

Impacts (employment impacts, sales impacts)


It is clear, then, that Switzerland is by far the strongest performer in any of the countries studied, beating strong competition from Norway, UK, Austria and Germany. The challenge for policymakers now is to ensure that this success does not remain as a prize on a pedestal, but rather becomes the basis for further improvements in the area and a driver of continuing success for the coming years. Netcomm Suisse, the Swiss digital and e-Commerce Association is well aware of the strong performance of the Swiss cantons, but also believes that a Swiss priority must be to develop more and to provide an even more fertile ground for innovative success over the coming years.

Read the full Regional Innovation Scoreboard report here: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/sites/growth/files/ris2019.pdf

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