NetComm Suisse: the first and only Swiss Association of e-Commerce

The goals of NetComm Suisse are to support the interests of e-Commerce companies, contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of e-Commerce, including related services and technologies, and to bring down the barriers that limit the development of the sector. Through activities as diverse as lobbying, legal & fiscal support, training and research, the organization aims to build a stronger e-Commerce environment in Switzerland and beyond to enable sustainable growth across the industry.

What we do

NetComm Suisse enables Associates to build their own businesses and at the same time build a stronger community of e-Commerce operators for the future. Through networking events, training, institutional relations and research into the digital market, the organization enables greater consumer confidence in e-Commerce and greater success for operators in the industry. We also engage proactively with the media and international institutions, providing information, concrete data and a voice for the wider industry, seeking above all to help build a more engaged and successful future for the sector.

Our values


Represent the interests and stimulate the cooperation between enterprises operating in e-Commerce


Promote and diffuse initiatives and information to broaden and strengthen the e-Commerce world and the digital market


Create and maintain favourable conditions for e-Commerce and strengthen consumer and merchant confidence in online sales


Develop and train the workforce, to enable both established e-Commerce owners and new entrants to do more

"To represent the interests of Members and stimulate cooperation among enterprises operating in the
e-Commerce and digital communication sectors"


Board Members

Alessandro Marrarosa

Born in 1975, Marrarosa co-founded and is President of NetComm Suisse. He started a career as web programmer and project manager in Swiss Post and is now Market Area Manager for SMEs in PostFinance SA. He has a strong experience in digital innovation and business streamlining.

Carlo Terreni
General Director and Board Member

Carlo Terreni is co-founder and board member of NetComm Suisse Association. Since August 2012, he is head of the NetComm Suisse Observatory and he works with passion and determination to help decision makers to exploit the potential of the Swiss and European online market. 

Philipp Müller
Board Member

Responsible of NetComm Suisse Advisory Board. In this role he maintains a network of Swiss e-Commerce specialists, organizing several activities for companies interested in e-Commerce. Currently working for SBB.

Philippe Lucet
Board Member

Philippe Lucet is Vice-President and General Counsel R&D and IP for Nestlé, responsible for legal matters related to Trademarks, Digital/e-Commerce, Designs and Patents, Legal R&D and Health Science. Prior to joining Nestlé, Philippe was Lead Counsel at Richemont, the global luxury group, and an attorney-at-law in private practice in Paris and New York, specializing in corporate, innovation, IP/IT, digital, media and telco. He has a strong experience in legal and regulatory matters relating to digital and e-Commerce.

Serse Bonvini
Board Member

Board member and co-founder of NetComm Suisse, Serse Bonvini has worked in the digital arena since 1991, with experience in Account & Project Management as well as consultancy, which he uses in his current role at Tinext. Broad experience of e-commerce platforms and excellent knowledge of SEM and SEO strategies.

Heads of Advisory Groups

Manoj Harasgama

Principal Advisor to the Board & Head of Advisory Groups

Investors, Ventures & Start-ups


Nicole Mureddu


Video and Social Advisor


Operations Dream Team

Carlo Terreni
General Director

Alessandro Borsani
Head of Operations

+41 (0)79 636 13 87 

Monica Lira
Head of Partnerships

+41 (0)78 843 12 44

Valentina Bandini
Art Director

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Bobana Vujic
Event Manager

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Laura Raimundo
Partnerships Manager


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Cecilia Colucci
Backoffice Assistant

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Giulia Pastena
Partners & Media Relations

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Maria Katsira
Jr. Communications Manager

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Michele Pellegrini

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Simona Miele

Press & Pr Office

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Olivier A. Maillard
Project Manager Suisse Romande

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